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身為全球四大設計獎項之一的優良設計獎-Good Design Award是通過設計將人們的生活、產業和社會變得更加富足的一項社會運動。獎項的理念和60多年間構築而成的評審機制獲得了世界各地設計相關人士的認可,更是設計界公認難以獲得的獎項。

天空元素的陳鶴元設計師於2015年以數位學習中心-Digital Learning Centre 參賽並榮獲優良設計獎殊榮。

The Digital Learning Centre combines interactive screens, electropane, and 3D audiovisuals. The modular design of the book shelves and study areas means the rooms can be readily rearranged to suit the needs of class in progress. Versatility in this design demonstrates great potentials to utilize elements in commercial designs in an interactive multimedia learning space of a traditional education setting.